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Jan 11, 2019

Pastor Tom interviews Psychologist -Barbara Lowe. Dr. Lowe speaks of her own struggles of getting past the past.

Show Quotes of Dr. Lowe:
"It is ok to be flawed. In fact, it is our flaws that make us fabulous.”
“I don’t want to be great anymore. I actually strive to be average with streaks of greatness.”
“We are all flawed but fabulous.”
“It’s ok to finally rest in who I am; in who God made me.”
“Fabulous means being uniquely me. It means being humble.”
“Real humility feels good. We don’t think too much of ourselves and we don’t think too little of ourselves.”
“I’m nothing more or nothing less than a person walking with Jesus.”
“I don’t need to be my own coach. I have a coach who is full of grace."
“I can be ok while I’m on my way.”
“When you are great, people are like… “Whoa, that was was great!” But if you are great all the time, people expect it all the time, and that’s way too much pressure for me.”
“My whole life, I was holding on to others more than they were holding on to me.”
“If I have narrated my life around rejection… it’s like if someone comes over and makes a mess in my house, it’s still mess in my house when they leave. It’s still on my property. I can be mad that they made the mess but I can’t make them come over and clean it up. It’s in my house and I need to clean it up because it is hurting me.”
Steps To Forgiveness:
Take inventory -are you in any way part of the problem?
Make amends -include myself
Change the narrative of the story.
Praying for the person who hurt us. (pray for 10 good things Ito happen to the person who hurt you)
“We are all weird. No one is normal. People are normal until you get to know them… and then we find out they are quirky. Everyone is quirky.”
“We compare our insides to people’s highly edited outsides.”
“We all have weird, inappropriate thoughts from time to time. We need to not judge ourselves based on those thoughts.”
“The root of our symptoms is humanity."
“I feel the gift in you. I see that you can become a phoenix, reborn into something fierce and beautiful."
“To be the phoenix, we have to touch into what is real and authentic. There might be a time of grief."
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