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Feb 1, 2019

Brittany Rust shares her EPIC fail with Pastor Tom.
(Part 1 of 2)
MORE From Brittany Rust:
Book: Untouchable
MORE From Pastor Tom:
How do we recover from EPIC failures?
Does God forgive EPIC failures?
"I knew for the first time in my life, I was hearing truth. I was hearing what I’d always been longing for… and that was the gospel." -Brittany Rust
Gospel means “good news”. 
[to Brittany] - What was the good news that you heard in the church service you attended when you were 16? [Brittany] - “That He would see a broken, depressed, 16 yr old girl, struggling with these horrible strongholds. That He would see that girl and still love her and still offer grace and redemption to her.”
“I felt guilty and ashamed for even struggling with these issues (pornography and masturbation ) because there was this mindset that this isn’t a woman's struggle… I didn’t think there was anyone I could talk to… I felt alone.” -Brittany Rust
In our shame, we feel as though we are the worst - the only one who has struggled or gone this far. 
You never get over everything and are perfect. There’s always bullies who threaten to take away our lunch money.
Early in her Christian life, Brittany felt delivered from all her former strongholds. Brittany began to feel UNTOUCHABLE… as though God had done all the work He needed to do and that it would be smooth sailing from that point. 
One lie is that you can never overcome. Another lie is… “I’ve really done pretty good here! I can’t even imagine myself failing at all.” At that point, we begin to develop UNTOUCHABLES.
“I saw it very black and white. I do this and I don’t do this and everything should be good, right?” -Brittany Rust
SIN - things we do that violate God’s standards.
Untouchable means - “Sins” we assume we would NEVER do.
LISTENERS...What are the things that you would say… I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!
Every good and perfect gift comes from above. (James 1:17 NIV, Bible)
Please Listen To Part 2 of the 24TODAY Podcast (HER EPIC FAIL) with Brittany Rust