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Feb 3, 2019

Brittany Rust shares her EPIC fail with Pastor Tom.
(Part 2 of 2)
MORE From Brittany Rust:
Book: Untouchable
MORE From Pastor Tom:
Note: Please listen to PART 1 of 24 TODAY Podcast (HER EPIC FAIL)
HER EPIC FAIL (Brittany Rust) - P2
Untouchable means - “Sins” we assume we would NEVER do.
SIN - things we do that violate God’s standards.
Brittany confided in a friend who worked at the church. Brittany was going to tell her Pastor what had happened, but her friend told the Pastor before Brittany had the opportunity.
Brittany speaks well of the church.
“It was all done in such love and such grace. But there are consequences to our actions.” -Brittany
“I had to confess to my team that day… what had happened and start all over again.” -Brittany
[The church] …“truly loved me and wanted me to be restored and healed.” -Brittany
We’re not keeping secrets, we’re telling them; we’re not hiding things, we’re bringing them out into the open. -Mark 4:22 MSG (The Bible)
“I will always be an advocate for confession. And that could look so many ways… confession is so freeing. -Brittany
Confession allows us to step into the freedom. When we don’t confess, we live under that blanket of shame and guilt and isolation… the longer you hold onto the guilt, the harder it’s going to be for you.” -Brittany
“Not only had I lost my job and my dreams but I had lost the guy that I loved.” -Brittany
“God, however long it takes. Whatever it takes. I’m Yours. I surrender. I JUST WANT YOU TO HEAL ME THE RIGHT WAY.” -Brittany Rust
Brittany’s prayer was basically…
“God, I can’t deal with this. I am really doing a bad job (at trying to control my life). So, whatever YOU want to do, whatever it looks like, however It feels… whatever else I have to do… whatever it is, I will do it, because I’ll trust that You’re in control. And somehow You’re the ONLY one that’s going to bring me out of this.”
[to Brittany]...Did you feel anything different when you prayed that prayer?
“Yeah, I mean, I think thats when that shame and the guilt lifted for me and began having hope again. I began holding on to the promises that God’s mercies are new every day. I began to feel HOPE again.
“I just gave everything to God. I set my eyes on HIM. I committed to the healing process and eventually God opened up the door for Ryan and I to start dating again.” -Brittany
[Pastor Tom to Brittany]… When you talk about SURRENDER, did that mean that even if it meant NEVER getting back with Ryan… being single for the rest of my life… not getting back into leadership at the church that I love… even if it means all of these things… whatever it is YOU want to do GOD, I’m going to let YOU do it… and then, amazingly GOD brings Ryan back into your life…. ….. [Brittany]… "I think that’s really the heart of surrender. YOU'RE letting go. YOU'RE letting go of control. YOU’RE letting go of what YOU want YOUR life to look like and what YOU want for YOUR life. And it really puts you in a place of just being like GOD CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS TO DO… because you’re not fighting it and you’re not pulling in a different direction. And so, in that SURRENDER I found such freedom and HOPE for my life.” -Brittany
“God did the thing that (for a long time) I always hoped HE would do, but it wasn’t until I just let go of trying to make that happen and really pursuing just making HIM my focal point and pursuing a life outside of what I thought MY life should look like… then GOD brought those pieces back together." -Brittany 
Please Listen To Part 1 of the 24TODAY Podcast (HER EPIC FAIL) with Brittany Rust