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Jan 19, 2019

Author, Norman Rawlings explains how to hear God's voice.
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Show Notes:
“We are spirit beings, God speaks to us directly though our spirit.” - Norman Rawlings
We are not bodies with a spirit. We are spirit with bodies.
God speaks quietly in our spirit.
God speaks through the Bible.
God gives us an assurance, a sense of peace.
It is important to verify when we think we are hearing the voice of God... such as... talking to a mature Christian friend or pastor about what you are feeling and hearing. This is one important way that God confirms (or doesn’t confirm) what we are hearing.
So often, we don’t even look for God or get quiet enough to hear God’s quiet voice.
We need to make sure that what we feel we are hearing does not disagree with the Bible.
A sense of PEACE is one of the greatest confirmations that we are hearing God’s voice. Feeling God’s peace doesn’t mean that everything around us is calm. But we DO feel a calm inside of us... that somehow God is going to work the situation out as we do what He desires.
The thoughts of God are alive through the Bible. God uses the Bible to speak to us. As we are reading the Bible, God causes His thoughts and understandings to come to jump out us to us 
"40 To The Dozen"! - Translation = we are trying to do to much…our minds are going to fast. 🙂
“Steel Elevator” moments are moments during the day that are natural to be still and listen to God... such as the time that you spend getting dressed in the morning … or the drive to work and back… or spend in the shower. What are your “Steel Elevators”?
We tend to fill our lives up with noise because we don’t like silence.
God is not a screamer. Satan screams and God whispers.
We need to intentionally be quiet so that we can hear God’s voice.
We need to go where God talks.
God can speak through music, through nature, through the arts, etc.
Reasons Our Prayers Aren’t Effective:
  1. Sin
  2. Unforgiveness
  3. Selfish prayers